posted by Josh Brahm, May 6, 2011 @ 1:22 pm

Introducing Pro-Life Link Parties!

This Monday we’ll be starting a new weekly feature on the Life Report blog: pro-life link parties! If you don’t traffic among home decoration blogs, you probably have never heard of a link party. A link party is a way for bloggers to increase traffic to their blogs, if they have already written blog articles on the topic of the current link party.

Example: Our first link party, starting this Monday, will be “On the Physical Dangers of Abortion.” If you’re a pro-life blogger who has written a piece on that subject, you can use a tool we’ll provide to simply paste the URL of your blog article, choose a thumbnail picture, and it will appear with a bunch of other pro-life blog articles on the same topic. This way, pro-lifers that want to learn more about that subject will ideally have 20 or more blog articles to check out!

(We’ll also accept pro-life podcast episodes, as I know there are some great podcasters that aren’t writing blog articles.)

I was skeptical about whether this would help direct traffic to other blogs, but my wife’s awesome (but little known) home decor blog has received over 1,000 unique visitors since she started participating in link parties just 3 weeks ago!

When you participate, you’re not supposed to post your entire website. (i.e. Instead, you should paste an individual blog post. (i.e.

The most important piece of etiquette for any link party is that the blogger who uses the party to link their article, also must include a link to the website hosting the link party. That can either be a link in the post they’re sharing, or preferably a link among the other pro-life links or blogroll on their site.

A bunch of link partiers recently posted some “link party rules:”

1. Link to your actual post
2. Link your OWN project. Something YOU made.
3. Link back- by doing so, it like saying “thank you for allowing me access to your readers.” (Party pages are not that successful for the blog author.)
4. Don’t use link parties to promote your giveaway or current promotion.

We will be hosting a pro-life link party at every Monday. You will have one week to get your submission in before the party closes, but all links that make it in will remain permanently.

Here’s a preview of some future pro-life link party topics:

- Your favorite post/podcast from this month (this will be a monthly topic)
- On the use of language within pro-life dialogue. (pro-choice vs. pro-abortion, fetus vs. child, etc.)
- On pro-life argumentation or apologetics
- Responding to abortion in the major media
- On stem cell research
- Busting the news media
- Faulty pro-choice logic
- On the aborting of disabled unborn humans
- On repeat abortions
- On 40 Days for Life
- On talking to an abortion-vulnerable woman
- On how abortion effects the men involved
- On the response of the modern church to abortion
- On Roe vs. Wade

Have ideas for future link party topics? Email them to Josh Brahm!