posted by Josh Brahm, December 19, 2012 @ 3:31 pm

The Art of Narrating the Debate; Embryonic DNA

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Valerie from Silver Lake, Kansas emailed Life Report to ask for advice on a discouraging debate she had with her pro-choice, Christian father about abortion. Josh begins a three-part video series responding to different aspects of her email, and some of her dad’s pro-choice arguments.

In part one, Josh discusses…

  • the most important question when somebody states that the unborn is “not a human being;”
  • how to effectively “narrate the debate” when people don’t answer our reasonable questions;
  • a few quick thoughts on Valerie’s dad’s assertion that the functional DNA of an early embryo is different from the DNA at later stages.

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  • A Wikipedia summary of Christopher Hitchen’s views on abortion.
  • Here’s a few videos of Hitchen’s at debates answering questions about abortion.
  • Josh referred to this episode where Trent Horn responds to the pro-choice argument that an organism must be able to direct its own growth, but an embryo requires the mother’s RNA to do this.
  • Since Valerie’s dad is a Christian, we would recommend she reviews this episode with special guest Scott Klusendorf: “Does the Bible’s Silence Justify Abortion?”

  • Guest

    I agree with your assessment of Hitchens. His own position was complex and somewhat hard to understand. I think the most important thing we can learn from him is that he understood that the pro-life position has its merits and can compete in the marketplace of ideas (even in a secular environment). So atheists are wrong to dismiss it as religious dogma.