posted by Life Report, January 16, 2013 @ 9:42 am

How to Care for Pregnant Girls – Special Guest: Kristi Burkhart, Fresno Pregnancy Care Center

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Josh and Jonathan Keller finish their interview with Kristi Burkhart, Executive Director of the Fresno Pregnancy Care Center, focusing on the unique relationship our two organizations have and practical advice for people who want to help a girl who has an unplanned pregnancy.

Topics include:

  • Why our right to life organization has been able to maintain such a good partnership with the local pregnancy resource center. (Sadly, a rare situation.)
  • Common misconceptions that pro-life people have of girls that are pregnant and abortion-vulnerable.
  • How can our listeners practically help their friend that suddenly becomes pregnant?
  • What are common mistakes that well-meaning pro-life people make when talking to a pregnant teen?
  • Should sidewalk counselors offer to adopt the babies of mothers considering abortion?
  • Is it true that it’s impossible for college students to have kids and stay in school?

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