posted by Life Report, April 3, 2013 @ 10:42 am

Local Experts Clarify Domestic and International Adoption

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Stephanie Grant, Executive Director of Infant of Prague Adoption Services and Laurel Boylan, Founder of God’s Waiting Children join Josh to discuss adoption.

Topics include:

  • iStock_000017495895XSmallClarifying common misconceptions about adoption.
  • The difference between open and closed adoption.
  • The differences between the process of domestic and international adoption.
  • Available grants for adopting parents.
  • Addressing the common resentment between families that have adopted domestically and those that have adopted internationally.
  • An update on the situation with Russian president Vladimir Putin banning American families from adopting children from Russia.
  • How adopting children from the foster care system works.
  • Does a pregnant teen need to choose adoption before contacting an adoption agency?

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  • Infant of Prague Adoption Service is a private non-profit agency that has been building families through adoption since 1953. With voluntary adoption, children are placed in an adoptive home at birth therefore preventing some of the negative outcomes that happen with foster care. Licensed in the State of California, they provide a variety of services including the intensive support and counseling to birth mothers who place their children for adoption, training and advocacy for couples who wish to adopt and life-long post adoptive support services for all. For more information, download this brochure or read these answers to frequently asked questions about adoption.
  • Gods Waiting Children orchestrates orphan ministries, hosting programs, and international adoption facilitation services in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. They are a Christian-based, non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization registered in California, though they work with families all across the nation. Their staff, volunteers and Board of Directors are comprised of adoptive parents and those whose lives have been touched by adoption.
  • Show Hope is the organization Steven Curtis Chapman founded to provide financial assistance to adopting parents.