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Concluding the “Pro-Life Lies” Series

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It’s the twelfth and final part of our popular “Responding to Pro-Life Lies Video” series! The video we’re responding to lists 55 “pro-life lies” a woman named Kenna heard, and in this series we respond to them all.

This is the first of four episodes with Josh’s brother Timothy, who is now a staff member at Justice For All.

After discussing the last six “lies,” Josh, Tim and Gabi have a conversation about the need for pro-life people to get out of their “echo chamber,” and the need to ultimately be known by their love. We also communicate a mutual desire for both sides to be more charitable, considering the best arguments from the opposing side as opposed to just trumpeting the worst they can find.

Here are the 8 “pro-life lies” we respond to in this episode:

  1. “Birth control causes abortion.”
  2. “Emergency contraception is an abortifacient.”
  3. “Women are sacred vessels.”
  4. “Pro-choice women don’t have children.”
  5. “Pro-choice women should have their children taken away.”
  6. “Pro-choice people don’t care about babies.”

Note from Josh: I reached out to Kenna to let her know we finished the series based on her video and offered her a chance to respond. She wrote, “It was great to meet people who could discuss abortion and present their point of view in a civil manner. YouTube was my main forum for political discussions and it doesn’t have the greatest reputation. I’m not as active online anymore since I finished college and started working, but I really did enjoy your podcast. Congratulations on finishing your series.” ~ Kenna

I told her I would always be open to discussing abortion with her further.

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  • Rich Brahm

    I really enjoyed this episode, especially the second half. I had read Tim’s application of 1 Corinthians 13 in one of his newsletters, but it was great to have HIM read it, and then see the three of you discussing various points. Great way to wrap up your pro-life lies series.

  • Guest

    I’m at least hoping that #4 and #5 weren’t both said by the same person.