posted by Josh Brahm, May 22, 2013 @ 11:12 am

Should Pro-Lifers Be Open-Minded Too?

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Open MindedJosh, Tim and Gabi discuss what it actually means to be open-minded, (it does NOT mean being wishy-washy,) and whether pro-life people should be open-minded too.

Bonus AudioAfter wrapping up four Life Report episodes, Josh, Tim and Gabi hung out to cover some material they didn’t have time to get into earlier in the day. Those topics include some clarification questions about Tim’s 1 Cor 13 piece and whether it conflicts with the work of Stand to Reason and Live Action, a discussion of pro-life memes and why most of them are bad, and practical tips for loving pro-life people that we disagree with on politics, strategy or tactics.

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