posted by Life Report, April 29, 2014 @ 10:33 am

Top 5 Pro-Life Pet Peeves with Steven Ertelt (Part 2)

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Top 5 Pro-Life Pet PeevesSteven Ertelt from discusses his list of pro-life pet peeves with Josh.

While obviously not all pro-life advocates do these things, many do, and Steven argues that we will be more effective as a movement if we eliminate these bad habits.

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  • stevenertelt

    Always fun to talk with you Josh and cover these important topics. And it’s always funny to see yourself back on tape and listen to how often you repeat yourself or bob your head when you really want to make a point. Oh never mind, it’s just me. Anyway, hopefully everyone enjoys the show and got something out of it.

    • Josh Brahm

      I thought it was great. It was fun listening back to it this morning. One of my favorite series we’ve done, although I’m oddly interested in any topic that can help pro-life people communicate better. :)

      • stevenertelt

        You just think you’re more pro-life than people with poor communication skills. No,wait, that’s not it…

        • Josh Brahm