On Religion

I’m probably asked this more than any other question about the podcast. Usually the question comes in the form, “are you all Catholic?”

First, the podcast itself does not focus on religion. I try to avoid bringing the subject of religion into the discussion, and focus more on the science and philosophy of the issues at hand. We’re willing to address religion, however. When asked a religious question through listener mail, we’ll gladly address it. I just prefer not to bring religion into every topic when it’s not needed. I’ve had too many personal experiences of pro-abortion-choice people walking away from me as soon as they hear I believe in a religion, because obviously that means I must be an idiot.

All four current members of the show, myself, Liz, Carrie and Kyle are all protestant Christians. I have a pretty firm grasp on any differences between protestant and Catholics on the life issues though, so we try to give perspectives from both sides when religion comes up.

Once people find out there’s not a lot of religious diversity on the show, the follow-up question is always, “well, why don’t you have a Catholic person on the show. You really should.” My response is that when I put together the Life Report team, religious diversity was never something I was really looking for. I didn’t care what everyone’s religion was. I wanted people that were young, smart, funny and opinionated. It just turns out that the people that most fit that bill were all protestants. If Kyle and Carrie left the show and I was looking for someone to replace them, and my best fit happened to be Catholic, I would have no problem with that. But as “dictator” of the show, I also don’t have a potential co-host’s religion as a priority for considering them for the show, compared with their personality and knowledge of the issues at hand.