Why Podcast?

A Conversation with Josh Brahm: Why is Right to Life of Central California Podcasting Now?
Updated 7/1/10
Q: Josh, what exactly is a podcast?
A: A podcast is a collection of digital media files, (typically either audio or video) that are distributed over the internet, often using automatic feeds, for playback on portable media players and personal computers. To sum up, basically RLCC is now producing an online radio show that can be heard by anybody with a computer and internet access. One of the greatest things about podcasts is they are absolutely FREE! That’s one reason young people like it so much. They don’t have to buy it. They can listen to hundreds of podcasts along a wide range of topics for free.
A “vodcast” is a video podcast.
Q: So, this podcast won’t just reach a Central California audience?
A: No, this podcast will be able to be heard by anybody across the globe who’s interested in what we’re talking about. As of now, we are heard in 5 out of 7 continents. (We’re still missing South America and Antarctica, so if you know any pro-lifers and Antarctica, I would LOVE to get them listening!)
Q: So how can I listen to the show?
A: Click on the “Episodes” button on the top of the website. You can download the shows to your computer, or you can subscribe to them with iTunes. If you’re more visual, you can also watch full episodes, starting at episode 97.
Q: How often are you recording shows?
A: There will generally be a new show every week. Every once in a while we have to go on a short break due to ministry opportunities.
Q: How long are the shows?
A: The first 100 or so were usually between 30-45 minutes. We debated the possibility of doing 10 or 15 minute shows, but when we recorded the first few shows, we realized that we had too much to say to fit in such a small time frame! I didn’t want it to be longer than an hour either, because I didn’t want people lose interest. Now that we are recording for TV and radio, we stick to a strict 29 minute format.
Q: So what type of audience are you trying to reach?
A: As we were brainstorming on how we wanted to do the show, I was always adamant that the production value needed to be high enough that it would reach a young audience. Thus, the theme music at the beginning and end of the show is kind of edgy, instrumental rock songs.
I also knew from the beginning that I didn’t just want to record the shows myself, but I wanted it to be a dialogue. I wanted it to be a three or four person show. I definitely didn’t want it to be three guys talking about what many think of as a “women’s issue,”¬Ě so when I first moved to Fresno I started looking for two, “young, spunky and opinionated girls” to co-host the show. Liz Seaward and Carrie Guy were perfect choices. They thankfully agreed to do the show and were excited by the possibilities of reaching such a large audience of pro-lifers AND pro-abortion-choice people as well. We’ve had Jonathan Keller one several times as our “political expert” and eventually Josh added Kyle Goddard to the team as a permament co-host.
Q: Wait a minute, you think pro-choice people might listen to this show?
A: Some do! We have at least 5 pro-choice fans, because we work to be fair to both sides, and take their ideas as seriously as our own. I think it’s important to keep dialogue going between both sides of the abortion issue. Sidewalk counseling and passing pro-life legislation is all great, but there’s more we can do. There are thousands upon thousands of pro-abortion-choice people that have become pro-life in the last 10 years. There are also hundreds of former abortion clinic workers that have quit the business because they suddenly realized what they were involved in, and some even speak for the pro-life side now. I personally have had really good conversations with high-level abortion-choice activists, and I’ve experienced firsthand the power of thoughtful dialogue. Just like I listen to their stuff to better understand where they are coming from, I would hope they would spread the word about this show, saying that while these people are pro-life, they don’t hate pro-abortion-choice people, they don’t spread pro-life urban legends or dishonest information, and they actually make some sense. I love it when they write in to the show and interact with us.