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“Josh and the team at Life Report produce on a weekly basis the best short-format, web-based discussion of the abortion issue available today.  Bar none.  Whether you tune in via iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, television, or ProLifePodcast.net, you need to tune in. I’m a regular listener because it nourishes my soul to know that there are such even-handed and humble advocates for the pro-life view.  In a word, Life Report is refreshing. It’s no wonder that the Life Report team also counts many pro-choice advocates among its audience.  People of all perspectives on abortion hunger for the sort of discussion in which people take truth seriously but also genuinely want to hear opposing viewpoints and evaluate them fairly.  Josh and his team produce a show that is like a good square meal made from the finest ingredients by a master chef.  If you’ve been dining in a fast-food dump of talk radio and shout-over-each-other television, feed your mind and heart like I do at the Life Report table each week.  You won’t be disappointed.” ~ Stephen Wagner, Director of Training at Justice For All and Author of “Common Ground Without Compromise”

“Life Report is more than another Pro-Life Podcast. Josh Brahm transcends the technology by using Life Report to ask the right questions. The right questions are those that elicit opinions from both sides of the aisle, offers everyone an opportunity to express themselves, captures our attention, challenges the way we think and by way of highly creative conversation, confronts the conclusions we’re holding close to the vest. Life Report is what communication looks like in the future.” ~Walter Hoye, Founder and President, Issues4Life Foundation

“When I think of excellent pro-life thinkers, I think of Josh Brahm. This man knows how to articulate the pro-life position in a way that compels you to act. His podcast is a must for anyone seeking a timely and insightful analysis of current pro-life issues. He is a model for other pro-lifers by being winsome and gracious on this very sensitive subject. Most importantly, I’m confident his work will save the lives of many unborn children.” ~Alan Shlemon, Speaker/Trainer, Stand to Reason

“I’m pro-choice, but the way that this clip portrays your show I think you’re doing a very good job. No bashing going on, I think a civil discussion is great. And you can actually be entertaining.” ~John

“I’m actually pro-choice, but I think you guys are the most intelligent and affable pro-lifers on the air.” ~Matt

“Although I’m pro-choice, I’m a frequent listener of your show, and have listened to about two thirds of your show’s archives.  On a personal note, compared to most pro-lifers I see in the media, I find you and your radio show to be far more knowledgeable, not to mention cordial.” ~Mary

“Josh, Carrie, and Liz are entertaining to listen to, even though they are addressing a very serious subject. Their podcast is geared toward a younger audience, but any age would appreciate it. They have a refreshing perspective on many of the issues, and Carrie adds a unique view as a post-abortive woman. They also provide information about lots of great resources and websites for the pro-life activist. I would also challenge pro-choice people to listen to this podcast, as it will definitely get them thinking!” ~Jackie

“Wow. This is a lot better put together than I thought it was going to be. You guys are interesting and bantering really well. As someone with radio experience I think you guys may really have something here.” ~Rachel

“Wow guys you are incredible, thank you so much for this incredibly informative and enlightening show! It has been a beacon of light while I have been recovering from surgery. Keep up the good work!” ~Sam

“Hey, I just listened to your podcast for the first time. I was very impressed. The arguments presented were intelligent, relevant, and you didn’t make any illogical appeals to emotion.” ~Mike

“Your approach towards the pro-life argument is exactly what I was looking for: calm, open and rational.” ~Paul

“The podcast is amazing. It’s not even a 101 course, but a 202! At first you think these bunch of friends are sitting around swilling rootbeer and beaning cheetos at one another and the next minute you’re sitting up saying, ‘Man, I need to be taking notes, here!’ I recommend the podcast to all those interested in the life/choice issue.” ~Karen

“I think I have listened to nothing else for the past 2 weeks. I am learning so much all the time! What a fair, thoughtful show examining abortion.” ~Anna

“I think your show is a necessity. There aren’t many pro-life organizations out there with the gumption to expose bad pro-life arguments in an attempt to show us better arguments and strengthen our position.” ~Clinton