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Can you help me with a project? What are the most frustrating or annoying things that pro-choice people do that shuts down good dialogue? Post your answers below in the comments. Stories are welcome.


I’ve been privileged to participate in a philosophy study group with folks from the JFA community.  Stephen Wagner, writing for the group, just completed a first draft of a long-awaited paper detailing a response to what we believe is the toughest pro-choice argument, a bodily rights argument that claims that a woman has a legal right to refuse to allow the unborn to use her body, especially in the case of rape and very early in pregnancy (a version of the Violinist argument).  Our response is available for download here.  Eager for public interaction with the paper, we decided to make this post the official internet download site in order to focus public discussion of the paper in one place, using the commenting features within this post.

De Facto Guardian and Abortion: A Response to the Strongest Violinist (PDF)

With this paper, we hope to push the dialogue about bodily rights arguments in a direction we haven’t seen very prominent in the literature or on the web.  We look forward to hearing what you think!

UPDATE: 3/26/14: You can now download audio of me teaching this material at a Students for Life conference by clicking here. Some people have told me it was easier for them to listen to the speech first to get the basic concepts in their head before reading the paper.