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posted by Josh Brahm, May 17, 2013 @ 10:42 am

Using Gosnell to Start Productive Dialogues About All Abortions

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Abortion Clinic DeathsMegan Almon from Life Training Institute joins Josh and Gabi to discuss how pro-lifers can have productive conversations about Gosnell, as well as the common mistakes pro-lifers should avoid.

One of the most common questions we get is “how do you start non-weird conversations about abortion when you’re not on campus next to a pro-life exhibit?” One of the easier methods is to use a story that’s currently in the news. Josh thinks pro-life people can have good conversations about abortion starting with the controversy of what Gosnell did, but he doesn’t think you should stop there. He uses several specific questions to lead the conversation into talking about the abortions that are less controversial to pro-choice people: abortions done on first-trimester babies that are in the womb, aren’t viable, aren’t conscious and don’t feel pain.

After giving these questions and dialogue tips, the discussion turns to what pro-life people should NOT do when talking about Gosnell. What are the most common mistakes pro-lifers make regarding this story? Listen to the episode to find out.

Josh also briefly responds to the pro-choice argument that it’s pro-lifers fault that women went to Gosnell’s clinic in the first place.

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Cross in hands

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Last February we published two episodes with our favorite (nearly graduated) student from Notre Dame Law John Gerardi with an update on the HHS mandate lawsuits as well as answering the controversial question, “why did so many church-going Catholics vote for President Obama, again?!”  After we recorded those two episodes, we spent another 20 minutes answering questions we hadn’t talked about yet, and answered a good questions sent from a listener. This is the audio from that post-episode discussion.


  1. “Tell me about states like Massachusetts, that are heavily Catholic and Irish but are totally in the tank for Obama.”
  2. “What do you think is the future for the bishops’ involvement in politics?”
  3. Karen: “Is it even possible that we really change our society legislatively, or do we need to concentrate on the hearts of women and men?”

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posted by Josh Brahm, May 16, 2013 @ 7:26 am

Scientists Report First Successful Human Cloning Attempt

iStock_000000180726_L3-640x360It was four years ago that while presenting a talk called “Human Cloning: Truth vs. Science Fiction,” I predicted that scientists would successfully clone human beings within ten years. It appears that I was correct. NPR is reporting that a team of scientists at the Oregon Health & Science University have worked out the necessary steps to clone a living human embryo that is able to live long enough to produce embryonic stem cells. They have published their research in this weeks issue of Cell.

I argued in that talk that my primary concern about human cloning is not that it’s “playing God,” but that we will dehumanize the new human being we’ve “created” in the lab. Notice the way the NPR article talks about the living, human embryos that were created, the same embryos that because they were able to live for several days, made the experiment a success.

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posted by Josh Brahm, May 15, 2013 @ 12:28 pm

Why I Hope Gosnell Doesn’t Go to Hell

gosnellI spent a lot of time yesterday sorting out my feelings about Gosnell and his conviction, as well as the way some extreme pro-life people are talking about him. Thanks to a few respected colleagues who took some time with me to discuss in private, I think I’ve worked out the three major feelings I have. I suspect most of my readers will agree with the first two, but have questions about the third:

  1. I’m glad limited justice has been served.
  2. I’m glad he’s going to prison.
  3. Yet, I don’t want Gosnell to go to Hell. I’d rather spend time with him in Heaven.

Before you roll your eyes and move on, please give me the chance to explain why I don’t think any of those statements makes me a weak pro-lifer.

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Can you help me with a project? What are the most frustrating or annoying things that pro-choice people do that shuts down good dialogue? Post your answers below in the comments. Stories are welcome.