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posted by Life Report, April 9, 2014 @ 10:46 am

Update on the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case

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We’re interrupting our series with Steven Ertelt to give you an update on the Supreme Court case, Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores.

Notre Dame Law grad John Gerardi and Jonathan Keller from California Family Council explain the case and what happened during the oral arguments.


  1. Where are we in this case right now and how did we wind up here?
  2. One of the issues in this case is whether or not a corporation should be considered a “person.” Many people think it’s crazy to call a corporation a person, that it just protects the rich and helps them get richer. What are your views on that?
  3. What were some of the highlights from the oral arguments?
  4. Is this about religious freedom or is it about the rights of the poor employees against their corporate employer?
  5. How do you think the court will rule and why?
  6. Where does the religious freedom road lead if Hobby Lobby loses this case?

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posted by Life Report, January 29, 2014 @ 1:28 pm

How Should Pro-Lifers Talk About Birth Control? GUEST: Dr. Rich Poupard

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iStock_000000101887XSmallWe’ve been wanting to shoot an episode on this topic for several years, and it’s finally done! It’s sometimes a contentious topic among pro-life people, but it’s an important one nonetheless. How should pro-life people think and talk about birth control, aside from the important religious debate about whether or not you should plan your family? Dr. Rich Poupard from Life Training Institute comes on the show to offer his expertise.


  1. How does Plan B work according to the research and what does a woman’s weight have to do with it’s effectiveness?
  2. Do you think women are getting enough information about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of Plan B?
  3. Why will the new Plan B research probably result in MORE abortifacient use, and not less?
  4. Were pro-abortion-choice advocates talking about the new Plan B/weight study when it came out, or have they been hesitant to discuss it publicly?
  5. What’s the connection between abortifacient IUD’s and implantables and Obamacare?
  6. Knowing everything you know, how would you train pro-life advocates to talk publicly about birth control?
  7. What should pro-lifers talk about when discussing the public policy side of this issue? Parental involvement?
  8. How would you answer in 60-seconds the direct question of whether Plan B causes abortions or not?

BONUS: Click here to hear the questions I asked Dr. Poupard about birth control pills that we didn’t have time to fit into the Life Report episode.



Cross in hands

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Last February we published two episodes with our favorite (nearly graduated) student from Notre Dame Law John Gerardi with an update on the HHS mandate lawsuits as well as answering the controversial question, “why did so many church-going Catholics vote for President Obama, again?!”  After we recorded those two episodes, we spent another 20 minutes answering questions we hadn’t talked about yet, and answered a good questions sent from a listener. This is the audio from that post-episode discussion.


  1. “Tell me about states like Massachusetts, that are heavily Catholic and Irish but are totally in the tank for Obama.”
  2. “What do you think is the future for the bishops’ involvement in politics?”
  3. Karen: “Is it even possible that we really change our society legislatively, or do we need to concentrate on the hearts of women and men?”

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posted by Life Report, May 8, 2013 @ 10:22 am

Pro-Choice People Don’t Get Us, and Who Can Blame Them? (2 of 2)

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Josh, Tim and Gabi respond to fair questions that pro-choice people ask that we think pro-life people should be willing to answer.

Birth control pills

In this episode, we discuss how a lot of pro-choice people believe that pro-lifers want to punish women for having premarital sex by forcing them to remain pregnant. This seems clear because we’re not distributing condoms or encouraging the use of birth control, which could arguably lower the rate of unintended pregnancies and abortions. How should pro-lifers respond to this concern?

We also discuss the common conception (no pun intended) that pro-life activists are doing what they do because they’re Christians. If so, is this just a ploy to force religion on people or win converts?

We end the episode by discussing a recent story of a teen who sued her parents who were trying to coerce her into having an abortion. We offer some tips for pro-life people to use this story in dialogues with their pro-choice friends.

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posted by Life Report, February 5, 2013 @ 2:03 pm

New HHS Guidelines Don’t Solve the Problem

It was literally the day after we published our interview with Notre Dame Law Student John Gerardi on this subject that the HHS announced new proposed guidelines on the subject.  I quickly noticed that the Becket Fund, whom we were sending people to for information about the lawsuits, declared that the new guidelines wouldn’t solve the problem. Click here for the statement from The Becket Fund, and you can see a summary of the issues in the below video from The Chuck Colson Center.