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Host Josh Brahm and guests Eric Scheidler (Pro-Life Action League) and Timothy Brahm (Justice for All) discuss speaker Phil Plait’s speech on not being a jerk when talking to people with different views.

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Pro-Life Dialogue Tips from Anthony Trent and Timothy Brahm

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Josh interviews Justice For All trainer Timothy Brahm and JFA volunteer Anthony Trent on the subtle things they’re doing lately in dialogues about abortion that seem to be making them more productive.

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Secular Pro-Life on Welcoming Atheists Into the Pro-Life Movement

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Secular Pro-Life West Coast Representatives Monica and Ellen join Josh to discuss the Justice For All seminar they attended, and how they felt as atheists among Christians.

They also discuss how the pro-life movement could be more welcome to atheists and when it’s appropriate for Christians to evangelize their atheist acquaintances or friends.

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posted by Life Report, March 5, 2014 @ 1:59 pm

21 Tips for Abortion Dialogue

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It’s Gabi’s farewell show! So for something special, Josh and Gabi discuss the 21 most important lessons she’s learned about abortion dialogue while working with Right to Life of Central CA and Justice For All.

Download or watch the episode that Gabi referred to: “Should Pro-Lifers Be Open-Minded Too?”

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How Should Women Be Punished if Abortion Becomes Illegal?

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Rebecca Haschke from Justice For All joins Josh Brahm and Gabi Vehrs to discuss a question that pro-lifers often struggle with.

After offering some thoughts on how pro-lifers should respond to this question, the discussion turns to another philosophical conundrum that pro-choice people often ask about: should the fact that abortion bans would be hard to enforce mean that we shouldn’t try to make abortion illegal?

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