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posted by Life Report, March 11, 2014 @ 11:16 am

Jojo Ruba Takes the Life Report Questionnaire

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Jojo RubaJosh interviews Jojo Ruba, former staff member of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform and Executive Director of Faith Beyond Belief.

After talking about the pro-life presentations that have been protested and censored by Canadian pro-choice activists, Jojo answers the 9-question Life Report Questionnaire that has been answered by many other pro-life leaders in the past. I altered it a little for this interview, taking out the questions on stem cell research and euthanasia to focus more on the graphic pictures debate and how pro-lifers should treat pro-choice people.

I love this quote from Jojo, in regards to what he does when he’s talking to a pro-choice person: “I say a little prayer, and the prayer is this: ‘Father, show me how I can love this person today.’”

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Dr. Michael Buratovich on Arguments Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Dr. Michael Buratovich is Professor of Biochemistry at Spring Arbor University and the faculty advisor for the SAU Students for Life club. Josh interviews him on what stem cell research is and how to respond to common arguments for embryonic stem cell research.

  1. How did this book come along?
  2. Can you explain for our listeners what a stem cell is, and why they are sought after in research for regenerative medicine?
  3. Can you talk about the differences between embryonic stem cell research, adult stem cell research and induced pluripotent stem cell research?
  4. Many people argue that the embryo is just a tiny clump of cells with no nervous system; no heart, no consciousness, no ability to feel pain. They think it’s crazy to call that an intrinsically valuable human being. What do you say to them?
  5. Some people think we should use cloned embryos to solve the practical issues with embryonic stem cell research? Do you believe that to be an ethical alternative?
  6. Some people make a utilitarian argument that all those millions of embryos in storage units are going to die anyway. They argue that we should put them to good use instead of wasting them in a cold storage unit or flushing them down the drain. How would you respond to that utilitarian argument?
  7. What should pro-lifers be doing about stem cell research?

Stay tuned for bonus audio with Dr. Buratovich to be posted later this week.

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After shooting the Life Report episode on arguments for embryonic stem cell research, Dr. Buratovich graciously stuck around 37-minutes to answer more questions! This audio includes my new favorite fact about early human development!

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Brad Mattes Takes on the Life Report Questionnaire

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brad_1The second part of Josh’s interview with Brad Mattes, CEO of Life Issues Institute and host of the Emmy award-winning television show, “Facing Life Head-On.”  Brad answers the questions from the “Life Report Questionnaire” and more!


  1. What did you get in trouble for as a child?
  2. What is your favorite movie, and why?
  3. What has been the pro-life movement’s greatest victory (or victories) so far?
  4. What has been the pro-life movement’s greatest failing or weakness?
  5. Does the pro-life movement need more unity, and if so, how can we accomplish that?
  6. Graphic Pictures: Should we use them, and if so, how, when, and where?
  7. What would you say to those who would argue that graphic pictures should be used in very public places because children don’t seem to be too negatively effected by them?
  8. Stem Cell Research & Human Cloning: What should pro-lifers be doing about this, and why?
  9. What would you say to those who say it’s unfair to compare the current successes of ESCR with adult stem cell research since ASCR has had more public funding until recently?
  10. What should pro-lifers be doing about human cloning now that it might actually be a reality?
  11. Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia: What should pro-lifers be doing about this, and why?
  12. Is the Netherlands a lost cause on the end-of-life issues debate?
  13. Respond to Americans who look at the problems with euthanasia in the Netherlands and respond, “That’s them. We will do it better.”
  14. What do you say to someone who is for assisted suicide in certain hard cases?
  15. How should pro-lifers interact with those who are pro-abortion-choice?
  16. Respond to pro-lifers who would say that we should be shouting at pro-choice people because that shows we’re taking baby killing seriously.
  17. What single thing should pro-lifers be doing that most are NOT doing right now?
  18. How can pro-lifers start conversations about such a dark issue without being weird?
  19. How should pro-life people use Facebook?
  20. If people went to what could they find there?
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Should Pro-Lifers Boycott the Relay for Life?

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Many people donate money to the American Cancer Society through their annual Relay for Life events. But the ACS funnels some of that money to  killing human embryos for stem cell research. Should this fact cause pro-life people to donate to alternative cancer organizations? Josh thinks so, but Liz and Andrew disagree. Click the video above to watch the biggest internal debate from Life Report season one.

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