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Host Josh Brahm and guests Eric Scheidler (Pro-Life Action League) and Timothy Brahm (Justice for All) discuss speaker Phil Plait’s speech on not being a jerk when talking to people with different views.

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Pro-Life Dialogue Tips from Anthony Trent and Timothy Brahm

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Josh interviews Justice For All trainer Timothy Brahm and JFA volunteer Anthony Trent on the subtle things they’re doing lately in dialogues about abortion that seem to be making them more productive.

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After wrapping up four Life Report episodes, Josh, Tim and Gabi hung out to cover some material they didn’t have time to get into earlier in the day. Those topics and questions for Tim include:

  1. You said, “Love does not insist on its own way; it does not need to have the last word in a debate.” Does that conflict with the Stand to Reason mantra of trying to leave people with a pebble in their shoe?
  2. A discussion of pro-life memes and why most of them are bad.
  3. You said, “Love is not resentful, it does not dwell on the failures of those around us. Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing. It is not excited when those around us are caught in sin.” What about pro-life groups like Live Action that do undercover investigative videos catching Planned Parenthood doing bad things?
  4. Can you talk about how we are to love practically with those in the pro-life movement who may disagree on our political method, for example on our use of graphic images? How would you apply your piece to that?
  5. Which line in the 1 Cor 13 piece do you feel is the most important, or the most contrasted by the way a lot of pro-life people actually act?
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Should Pro-Lifers Be Open-Minded Too?

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Open MindedJosh, Tim and Gabi discuss what it actually means to be open-minded, (it does NOT mean being wishy-washy,) and whether pro-life people should be open-minded too.

Bonus AudioAfter wrapping up four Life Report episodes, Josh, Tim and Gabi hung out to cover some material they didn’t have time to get into earlier in the day. Those topics include some clarification questions about Tim’s 1 Cor 13 piece and whether it conflicts with the work of Stand to Reason and Live Action, a discussion of pro-life memes and why most of them are bad, and practical tips for loving pro-life people that we disagree with on politics, strategy or tactics.

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Pro-Choice People Don’t Get Us, and Who Can Blame Them? (2 of 2)

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Josh, Tim and Gabi respond to fair questions that pro-choice people ask that we think pro-life people should be willing to answer.

Birth control pills

In this episode, we discuss how a lot of pro-choice people believe that pro-lifers want to punish women for having premarital sex by forcing them to remain pregnant. This seems clear because we’re not distributing condoms or encouraging the use of birth control, which could arguably lower the rate of unintended pregnancies and abortions. How should pro-lifers respond to this concern?

We also discuss the common conception (no pun intended) that pro-life activists are doing what they do because they’re Christians. If so, is this just a ploy to force religion on people or win converts?

We end the episode by discussing a recent story of a teen who sued her parents who were trying to coerce her into having an abortion. We offer some tips for pro-life people to use this story in dialogues with their pro-choice friends.

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